Urban Viking

Andrea Fox – Urban Viking
Promoting elevation, peace and wellbeing in music.

Creating lounge, chill-out, downtempo and music for relaxation.




Lounge, chill-out and relaxation music by Urban Viking

Blind Orb
“I write music for the purpose of relaxation and creating ambience.” -Andrea Fox

Inspired by a world of warriors, artists, academics and sportsmen, Andrea Fox has travelled, experienced and worked through many difficult and emotional events; finding balance – being grounded in music as therapy.

Both making music and listening to music can provide a sense of wellbeing and expression of the soul. Ms Fox completed her MA thesis and final project on the effect music on wellbeing at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Bespoke programs of creating music for wellbeing can be tailored to suit groups or individual private sessions – online or in a studio/class setting. Please email andrea.fox@live.co.uk.

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