My name is Andrea Fox and I wear creative hats….

As a project-based entrepreneur, I offer creative business consultant services to enhance strategy and add marketing strength to emerging innovation.

I have a Master’s Degree in creative industries, including music production, writing, collaboration, sustainability, inspiration from places, culture, event management, music and emotion, psychoacoustics and aspects of film production.

Alongside the MA Music and the Environment at the University of the Highlands and Islands, I also successfully achieved the Innovation Champion Level 3 Award from the Scottish Institute for Enterprise.

I am currently involved with my own business, Urban Viking Media as well working with businesses who offer mental health solutions and inspiration for improving lives.

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Urban Viking Media

On a road less travelled; inspired by warriors, artists, academics and sportsmen, I have developed Urban Viking Media. I publish, create and sell art, music, videos and books to elevate and inspire the mind.

One thing is for sure, everybody has a story to tell or an emotion to express through art. I love to bring out this in others and I’m amazed to be able to collaborate with immensely creative talent. Organic connections with fellow artists who are perfect for the task, results in beautiful books, music and works of art.

As part of my journey, I have survived challenging situations and wish to boost other people’s coping abilities. I would like to share my knowledge of the survival and healing process so that people can apply these to daily living and help reduce drama, stress and brain-fog.

I do this by writing poetry, music, self-help materials, creating artwork and offering therapeutic private sessions and bespoke workshops. The aim of the therapeutic sessions is to encourage and train the client to express positive and negative emotions creatively to aid personal healing, learn new skills and consolidate/elevate natural or dormant gifts.

Via releasing lounge, chill-out and relaxation music, as well as through self-help books and inspirational poetry, I can assist people to find themselves and calm their thoughts.

In order to empower other artists, I have created Urban Viking Records. I have several established artists from the field of Jazz, Hip Hop and Pop, working to release music on this label.

In a former existence, I was a primary school teacher and work with authors and illustrators to create children’s titles as well as write some of my own. The children’s books are mainly poetry but with young people’s novels in the pipeline.

I have also devised some sensory resources in the form of books and videos. Without the distraction of words or text, these books and videos feature visual stimulation for artists, creatives, pets, babies and even the SEN/Additional needs market.

One adult self-help book I have written is The Art of Starting Again, which is my flagship transformation book. Featuring an ongoing blog, The Art of Inspiration, it follows the theme of goal setting, visualisation and empowerment.

My website will soon host an online Art Gallery which will exhibit the work of superb, movement-inspired artist, Scott Kish from Canada who is illustrating a children’s book for one of my projects. There are other framed pieces which I am selling on, by Ellectra – as well as my own pieces from my own portfolio.

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